Employee Spotlight-El Gaucho Seattle Bartender Mike Duncan Volunteers to Build a Stonger Community

One of the pillars our company was built upon is “Building a Strong Community.”  We feel that each of us has a certain obligation to help make our world a better place, by simply donating time, energy, or resources to various local charities needing assistance.  Many of our employees individually volunteer for other organizations to which they have a personal connection.  We look forward to consistently highlighting some of our incredible employees and the organizations with which they are working.

El Gaucho Seattle Bartender Mike Duncan Volunteers for Community for Youth

Mike Duncan
A bartender at El Gaucho Seattle, Mike joined the El Gaucho team in May 2010 and quickly developed the nickname of “Perm,” not because of his hair, but because he is often the permanent closing bartender.  Mike recently became a mentor for Community for Youth, an organization that matches at-risk high school students in Seattle’s most vulnerable schools, with an adult mentor who is committed to their success.  Students in the program have shown the potential to rise above their circumstances, and become young adults who have confidence, determination, and self-awareness, due to the core concepts taught, which focus on personal growth and accountability.  By taking control of their lives, students realize they can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.  An astounding 90%+ of students who are mentored through Community for Youth graduate from high school, compared to only 59% of Seattle Public High School students.

Mike spent weeks and weeks searching for an organization he could really dive into.  He landed on Community for Youth, and after intense training, was matched with a student.  He says, “The kids are amazing and teach me more than I teach them!”

When not working or volunteering, Mike enjoys playing pickleball, softball, studying all genres of music, and tasting bourbon.  His favorite part of working for El Gaucho is the connection with his co-workers (“we’re family”), and “the honor of representing such a strong brand built on the hard work of a ton of great people before me.”

A brand is most certainly made up of the people who represent it, and El Gaucho is honored to have people like Mike on our team.  Thanks, Mike, for showcasing what it means to be a brand ambassador.

How you can support Community for Youth:

Office Support
Financial Support
Board Committee Member for fundraising, marketing, recruitment, and finance

Save the date for Community for Youth’s 10th Annual Auction Gala, Saturday, January 19th, 2013 at the Hyatt at Olive 8. Click here for more information.

One Response to “Employee Spotlight-El Gaucho Seattle Bartender Mike Duncan Volunteers to Build a Stonger Community”

  1. Thanks for acknowledging and supporting your employees’ involvement in community and youth assistance focused organizations!

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