BRUNCH is served at AQUA and El Gaucho Bellevue. Just another reason to love Sundays!

“Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting,” British author Guy Beringer wrote in an 1895 Hunter’s Weekly article. ”It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” Historians believe that Beringer advocated the physical and emotional benefits of brunch and lighter fare to replace the traditional heavy, late Sunday meals common in British society at the time.

A few of the salads and planked salmon offered at The Hunt's Brunch at El Gaucho Bellevue

A few of the salads and planked salmon offered at The Hunt’s Brunch at El Gaucho Bellevue

The word alone certainly gives the feeling of leisure, sociability, and good food. A playful blend of “breakfast and lunch,” brunch has become a favorite meal in American culture, and we love being able to provide our guests with two fabulous choices at AQUA by El Gaucho and El Gaucho Bellevue.

As a meal, brunch can be traced back to the British upper-class late-morning hunt’s breakfasts, which comprised a decadent smorgasbord of goodies such as chicken livers, eggs, meats, fresh fruit, sweets, and adult beverages, that both men and women enjoyed following a big hunt outdoors.


A platter of poached prawns awaits at AQUA’s Sunday Brunch.

The concept didn’t reach American shores until the late 1920s, where it was supposedly made popular by Hollywood stars making transcontinental train trips frequently, and stopping off in Chicago for a late morning meal. Brunch was championed by hotels since most restaurants were closed on Sundays. It was propagated further by churchgoers; Catholics require fasting before mass, so those attending Sunday services would be ready for a meal following service. Another reason for its popularity might be because after World War II, large numbers of American women entered the workforce for the first time, and they needed a relief on Sunday morning, too.

Whatever your reason for enjoying a leisurely brunch, both AQUA and El Gaucho Bellevue are pleased to offer guests another special way to celebrate with family and friends. Both buffet brunches showcase the bounty of the season by incorporating signature elements, as well as new and familiar brunch selections.

EGB Brunch Chef John carving baron of beef

Executive Chef John Broulette carves the Baron of Beef at the Hunt’s Brunch at El Gaucho Bellevue

El Gaucho Bellevue brings back a mid-century tradition with their “Hunt’s Brunch” from the original El Gaucho restaurant, when night-owl guests would end their nights and greet the sunrise with the Hunts Breakfast. The buffet includes everything from succulent pork belly to beautifully decorated chocolate mousse to a vast selection of different types of cheese, plus Egg Benedict tarts with Canadian bacon and spinach artichoke, and Banana Foster French Toast with caramel sauce and maple candied pecans. Specialty add-ons of Gaucho classics can be ordered from the menu.

AQUA by El Gaucho’s menu features fresh seafood, including shucked oysters, poached prawns, cedar planked King salmon, omelet and crepe stations – both custom prepared to order, and many AQUA favorites, such as mussels and clams, biscuits and gravy, Gaucho benedict tarts, assorted cheeses, chilled salads, and an incredible dessert spread. July through Labor Day, deck dining will be available.

Both locations also offer a signature cocktail list to accompany the sweet or savory palate.

Sweep away your cobwebs of the week and start a new Sunday tradition by joining us for a “cheerful, sociable and inciting” meal. Brunch anyone?

AQUA by El Gaucho Sunday brunch: 10am – 2 pm. Served through Labor Day weekend.
$39/person; $19/child (6-13); free for children 5 and under. Call 206.956.9171 for reservations. Click here for menu.


AQUA’s Sunday Brunch offers many colorful and tasty options.

El Gaucho Bellevue The Hunt’s Brunch: 10am – 2pm
$32/person; $16/child (6-13); free for children 5 and under. Call 425.455.2715 for reservations. Click here for menu.

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